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Wakanda 4.0 Ltd
Wakanda 4.0 deals in Emerging Tech - Development and Business Development. We are going to work on several smart cities - With Green and Sustainable solutions + Renewable solutions.
Dear Sir, We are a Romanian startup developing solution and products for smart cities. We developed smart poles from glass fiber used for lighting, traffic lights, power lines, having inside led lights, sensors, batteries and photovoltaic panels. Another product is reinforcement glass fiber for constructions, reducing the CO2, being easy to transport and making the construction more efficient. The last but not list it's a nano substance which applied to any concrete is keeping the heat coming from outside to the building. This is an incredible solution for the future to be used in Dubai. We are very interested to present the products to you. We can fix a meeting to your office in Dubai. Looking forward to meet you. Dumitru
Facens | VIP-Systems
Smart Campus FACENS is a living lab program related to concept of Smart Cities created by University FACENS to support the training students, companies and public sector. The student can learning by doing and they have the opportunity to put all knowledge in practical. Using the university campus as a place of prototyping, test, analyze and replicate solutions for Smart Cities to convert real problems into applicable solutions in an urban context, providing an innovative multidisciplinary learning experience using the campus as prototyping space and support the education of the citizen student, supported by innovative thinking with commitment with the environment, social responsibility and be replicable in other cities. Smart Campus Facens program is support by 9 axis: ICT; Urbanization, Education and Culture, Energy, Mobility and Security, Health and Quality of Life, Industry and Business, Environment and Governance Area. Since 2014 more than 340 projects were developed such as: infrastructure networks and the Internet; FabLab; Integrated Security System; Smart Water; Photovoltaic Energy: On and Offgrid System; Energy Efficiency; Waste Management; Weather Station; Flow; Parking Management; Central Monitoring Dashboard, IoT Reference Center; Industry 4.0 Lab, 5G solutions for industry and cities, everything integrated to our “Supervisory” that is a Dashboard that takes care of the Campus, so we can apply Artificial Intelligence and take action to support our students, professors and community. The program received some awards, like: the “Top Educacional 2016 - ABMES” award, and the “Innovation Award of GS1” in education category, also in 2016, “Smart City UK” in 2017, in London and in 2018 – “Best IoT Implementation Europe IdTechEx in Berlin” and Top of Academy – RFIDBR 2018. Because of it, we were selected by Qualcomm we received the first IoT Reference Center in Latin America. In 2019 we received the award Inova Cidade, in 2020 Green Metric and in 2021 we were recognized as The First IoT Reference Center with the Ministry of Science and Technology from Brazil. It has been presented at several conferences around the world and has been featured in and outside Brazil for its innovative character, bringing theory to practice and offering a totally differentiated education to its student.
United Arab Emirates
Evolve is a cultural agency that facilitates art projects and art community initiatives. We create art and cultural strategies, design and deliver unique urban beautifications and creative hubs. We also produce entire art exhibitions and commissioned art projects
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